Tourist attractions

Ceahlău Mountain

Not so many people know that the Ceahlău Mountain is considered the Second „Saint Mountain” in Christian Orthodox Religion, the first one being Mount Athos. Its origins are veiled in mysterious legends. Actually, its ancient name was Peon which in Greek means „ The House of the Pillar” because for Dacians this mountain was „the House” of God Zamolxis.

Up on the pick of the mountain you can see huge mysterious rocks in the shape of a lady surrounded by her sheep. The legend says it is the old lady Dochia which was caught by the snow and frost right on the top of the mountain, freezing and turning into these impressing stones that you can see today.

Bicaz River

It is an accumulation river along the Bistriţa River. The Bicaz River is 40 km long and is governed by the majestic Ceahlău Mountain. It is the ideal place for all sorts of relaxing or funny activities: fishing, skijet, waterski, boat/ship trips.

The Red Lake

The Red Lake is the biggest mountain river in Romania (37km) and has a history full of mystery. It was naturally created in 1837 and at the present it is a part of the National Park of Bicaz Gorge. After a period of abundant rain, the northern part of the Chilcos Mountain crumbled blocking the waterway of Bicajel River. The accumulated water created this lake as some sort of natural barrage. Its color is red because of the oxide and iron hydroxide.

In German and Hungarian the name of this lake means „the Killer Lake” as there is also a legend regarding its appearance on the surface of the earth. The legend states that when the mountain crashed, a shepherd and his sheep died. But the fascination of this lake is much more amplified by the trunks of former pine trees that somehow come up of the water breaking through the image of the mountain that is mirrored in the lake’s water.

Durău Monastery

The Durău Monastery was built somewhere around the 17th C and its elements are typical for traditional Moldavian architecture. Since 1991 it has been a monastery for nuns.

The Bicaz Gorge

The Bicaz Gorge is part of the National Park of Bicaz Gorge and is one of the most attractive parts of Romania. It is 8km long and it is the bridge between Moldavia and Transylvania.

All the way around the Bicaz Gorge is full of beautiful winding roads. The rocks’ walls are made of limestone and they are hiding unique caves, such as The Black Cave or the Waterfall Cave.