About us and the Durău area

All of us living in crowded, tiring and polluted cities dream of paradise-like places. Places that look like a dream that has not been counterfeited by humans, places where the beauty of nature has not been affected by modern technologies. Places that respect the nature’s purity and virginity. Such a place is up in the Ceahlău mountains, a heaven where the forests, the lakes and the rocks are the main characters.

This place is called Durău and it is unique in the world. It is a setting where you are profoundly at ease from the very first moment. Here you do not have to close your eyes and imagine an ambiance in which you can rediscover yourself and the weightlessness of feeling free. Here, you do not imagine or fantasize. All you have to do is breath the fresh air and let yourself overwhelmed by the imposing beauty of nature and its unique creations.

Such a 100% natural location should be enjoyed in a special hotel that prides itself on peerless personal service and attention. The Bistriţa Hotel is a delightful hotel that you can experience with all your senses since it has a special intimate atmosphere, it is stylish and completely comfortable.